Bonjour Novelle Vie!

So lots been going on and I finally have a breather to share.

Austin and I are moving to Paris France!

In fact, we are amidst our 7 hour layover in Boston right now. We will be in Paris as of 1:30AM EST or 7:30AM (Paris Time?).

I have a lot to say, share and do. It is almost immense this opportunity, this new chapter in our lives and the sheer possibility that lies a head of us.

Our lives will never be the same.

Even when we return, as we are moving for short-term contract work. It will be to a new state in the US, to another life chapter and most likely far away again from those we love. Or maybe we won’t return? Maybe we’ll love it so much we will figure out a way to stay and make a new life in Europe.

We don’t know… and its exciting!

Austin will be working for Smart Date on a yearly contract. And I will be… figuring things out.

The money Austin will be making while, just making ends meet, will be enough to afford me a chance to do a little soul searching. I would love to work in design/web dev in Paris and my natural inclination to work… a lot probably will keep me antsy until I secure something. Once I arrive my first task will be to finish my new portfolio site and start job searching. But I have to realistically understand I may not find something due to unemployment rates in France and my visa status. And that, while I do freelance web dev/design, I could consider the pursuit of some of my more artistic hobbies or create a startup app or study for the GRE or work at a cafe or… sit at the Louvre… a lot.

I have always been someone with varied talents and interests. And it is my mission in the coming months to really hone my talents, take some risks and learn A LOT, especially when it comes to design and my creative talents.

I also want to return to writing. *Insert obligatory “I swear I’ll post on my blog!” but probably won’t disclaimer*

So we’llll seee… whether I post on this blog, a new tumblr or a combination or both. Join me on my move to Paris and all I learn in life, design, internetz and beyond! I’m really going to try to keep this focused on tidbits that might help improve everyone’s knowledge and not just my vent level.

How Sappy and Vague – Sheila

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  1. I will look forward to your writing about your adventures and new horizons. The world is truly your oyster, Little Pearl. I am so excited for you and Austin and love you both so very much. Hugs and hugs and kisses.

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