Jour Un

Well, we have arrived! It’s been pretty good so far, considering how badly moving to a new country can go.

Lessons Learned

  • Bank of America is the worse when transacting overseas.  Within an hour of getting to Paris, despite calling and warning BOA I had my card “taken” by the machine.  As in the machine would not return it or give me money because my bank requested them to.  Perks of BOA is that it has sister banks in Italy and Paris (BNL and BNP) so you don’t have to pay ATM fees. I have learned or at least had my belief reaffirmed that ALWAYS have a back of plan and several cards you can pull money from… also. if moving there change your address straight away to that country’s. Not 100% sure that will help but can’t hurt…
  • Weigh your baggage and then add 3lbs to be safe. As in assume that your scale is off and pack under… unless you want to be like us and have to take some stuff our of our bags and wear them!

    Austin wearing three coats, two sweaters, two belts and two sets of socks... to keep our baggage weight down.
  • Bring as little as possible. Yes, bringing new professional clothes from the US saved us money… but life is different here (especially in Paris).  Space is tight and its best to do with little clothing and maybe buy more later than live in a small apartment with four large bags taking up half the room!
  • Carryons must be small and are strictly limited to two BUT if you can get it past security and to the gate they MAY still make you check it but not at charge!  Which saved us $150.  How do you get it to the gate?  Puppy dog eyes helped… hoping they take pity on you.  Making an effort to reduce its size in front of them.  Either way, I would suggest to follow the restrictions very carefully and don’t risk it.


Courtyard outside our apartment.

So far I love our apartment though we have too much stuff.  Our neighborhood is great, everything is walkable.  But it is all a bit overwhelming.  We aren’t just here for vacation but daily life.  Our first venture out was okay but considering our lack of sleep, a bit much especially when trying to communicate.  After taking a nap, our second outing was much better and resulted in eating a nice meal and learning the word for my favorite coffee prep (Noisette: Espresso with a little milk on top).  But my camera was missing its memory card… so no pics.

C’est le vie – S

P.S.  This cat will continue to motivate me:

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