Normalcy in the City

Just a quick update for concerned family or curious friends or both.

We are awesome! Days are long.  But it seems no matter how long they are I still am excited to be where I am.  Austin and I continually find ourselves saying, “Wow!  We live here?  I love our apartment/job/new city!”

Mostly days are long due to it being summer (sun sets at 10pm!) but I find the ability to quickly travel around the city and see many new things makes me FEEL like I’m doing more.  Even the walk home is productive and fun.   Reminds me of living in Boston.  Right now, living in a city is perfect for us.

But yet, Austin and I are excited for the moment where things feel more “normal”.  Today we finally got Austin’s debit card in the mail (though mine is still in transit).  Which means we can sign up for internet and a phone!  Small, but when gone, things just don’t feel as comfortable.  Though I’m sure even that we’d get used to.

You don’t really notice the niceness of being able to assume and rely on factors until you live abroad.  When you need assistance from the coworkers just to cook your microwave dinner (close call on that one… Almost started a small fire.)  But yet at the same time, it gives you an appreciation and a perspective.

On Saturday we actually decided to stay in and watch Dexter, due to feeling a little under the weather.  And it was kind of nice just to be “normal”.

It is weird because on one hand we don’t EVER want the newness to wear off.  Much like a relationship!  But at the same point if every time your new lover spoke to you it was in gibberish… after a while you would hope for the day you understood them.  Even if it meant things were more mundane (maybe they were talking about bills all along… or what kind of laundry detergent they bought that day).

And things are more comfortable as time progresses.  It helps that we work in English 10 hours a day (though that hasn’t helped our French tongue).  It helps we have cool coworkers who “speak geek”.  It helps that we have each other.  We feel less on edge now.  And though we love all the new foods we are trying, there are moments where we just want something “safe”.  And some new french foods are starting to feel “safe.”

I suppose what we want is companionship from Paris with a dash of romance.  Perhaps Paris can surprise us with a fun treat once an a while but if we need to know how to unlock our phone… well, it would be nice to become second nature.

Which we finally figured out how to unlock our phone…

I suppose its strange since we have only been here a little over three weeks to want to HURRY up on the normal.  We just know we are setting up our life here.  And we’d like to start to feel like that. 🙂  Finding a cellphone while on vacation is a noneworry. A “Oh well!  I can do without for a week!”.  But not having it when you know you need to call landlords… a different issue.

So life progresses!  And we continue to feel lucky.  We’re gonna make it after all! (Think of Mary Tyle Moore but two people… and without a TV show)

Throws Hat in the Air – S

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