SILMACOR – Website Launch – Follow the Dots

This week I launched:!  I built this site for a client and it was a very pleasant experience.


Silmacor Screenshot

  • Design matching provided Logo
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript/jQuery Animation (Scrolling Navigation)
  • Section 508 Compliant
  • Ajax Contact Form with Validation

Design/Dev Thought Process

This was a very smooth process and I appreciated the client’s trust in my expertise and content readiness.  It helps to have the content ahead of time!

The idea of the design is to be clean and up to date but still speak to the bank clients that will be directed to the website, that might not be as into the super modern design aesthetic.

The client plans to use this almost as a presentation that he would point potential clients to, hence the sliding navigation.  My idea was to allow the client to even use this if necessary as a power point, which is aided by the one page format that does not require multiple page loads ( as you may know, you never know how the internet will be at conferences or outside the office…)

I was asked to clean up and match the diagram to the website style. In addition, design wise, I was given the task to add blue to the pre-existing red and grey logo color scheme.  The client did not want to overuse the red color, which can be alarming.

I strove to use the dots from the logo as a trailing/alternating border to encourage the user’s eye downward, breaking monotiny and catching attention.  This border is resized to the content using JavaScript so that the client may add content without fear of making the border look broken, a technique also used on, which my husband and I developed together.


I learn from each project I do.  With this project, it helped stretch my design abilities by exercising my use of simplicity and quiet design for a client who may not have a Web 2.0 per se audience.


Thank you Silmacor! – S