[VIDEO] Lead the Change: What is the future of Qualitative Research and Ethnography?

This past July I was asked to add my perspective (touching on ecological and social responsibility) to a panel about the future of Research and User Experience Design (Qualitative and Ethnography) at the Lead the Change Summit by Mind Spark Research International. It was a super interesting discussion which ended up touching on, social and environmental responsibility, cultural factors, systems thinking, change management and adaption to ever unstable contexts.

Hats off to the organizers, including our moderator Alicia Dornadic, whose diverse voice panel selection and open/participative format created fertile ground for such a conversation. Also, big thanks to my fellow panelists: Harini Karthik (Google), Kristoffer Mago (Shopee) and Raissa Smarasista (Skyscanner).

Full video below. Please comment with any questions or inspirations you may have.

4,248 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Lead the Change: What is the future of Qualitative Research and Ethnography?”

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